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About Us

Jéjé Online Market is an e-commerce market where people can shop for food items, provisions, kitchen utensils and other related items from the comfort of their homes, offices or other locations of their choice; and have purchased items delivered to them anywhere within the Abuja metropolis. We offer our customers convenient shopping and quality produce at unbeatable prices, consistent with a fair return on investment forour shareholders alongside job enhancement/security for our employees. Our services are a welcome development in Nigeria because we eliminate the stress of commuting to markets and shops to get groceries, and this gain is brought to our customers at little or no extra cost. We are driven by:


Our Mission is to provide the most comfortable shopping experience for our customers. We aim to provide the best shopping experience for our customers, where they can obtain quality food supplies and value for their money without leaving their comfort zones.


Our vision is to become Nigeria’s leading and most reliable e-commerce market for groceries.


Value for money: Our customers are our most important stakeholders,therefore we consider the provision of quality produce and efficient services to be highest form of value we can offer them for their money’s worth. We are constantly challenged to improve the value proposition to our customers.

Extra-ordinary customer service: We go the extra mile to please our customers. We know our customers are potential advocates for our business, referring our services to their friends, families and colleagues. We therefore strive to exceed their expectations and deliver their orders in a timely and efficient manner.

Innovativeness: We anticipate future demands of our existing and potential customers, and continuously create new methods to serve them and to keep up with their evolving demands.

High ethical standards: We are guided by honesty, fairness, integrity and professionalism in our dealings with our customers, staff, partners and clients.

Team work and empowering work environment: Our success is dependent on the collective effort and energy of our staffs who work as a team. Every team member is a valued contributor to the progress of the company. As such, we constantly strive to create a motivating environment where each member can flourish.

Stewardship: We are stewards of our shareholders’ investments and we take this responsibility seriously. Every step of our business, from market supply to delivery is properly accounted for and documented. The success of our mission is determined by customer satisfaction, the efficiency and job satisfaction of our staffs and our return on capital investment